Monday, 5 December 2011

Cuba-cuba sains


 Monday Activity

What do I need?
  • Small clear plastic lid (from yoghurt or margarine container)
  • clear plastic tape
  • flashlight that works
  • bubble juice (see recipe below)
  • spoon
  • straw
  • room you can make dark
Bubble Juice:
1 gallon water
2/3 cup dishwashing soap
Mix the ingredients together in a big bucket or dishpan. If you make your bubble juice the day before you want to use it, you’ll get bigger, stronger bubbles, but it’s pretty good right away, too.
What do I do?
1. Tape the plastic lid over the end of the flashlight where the light shines from.
2. Turn the flashlight on and hold it so the light shines straight up.
3. Dip your finger in the bubble juice and wet the lid. Put a spoonful of bubble juice on the lid. With a straw, blow one big bubble to make a bubble dome that covers the whole lid.
4. Turn off the lights and hold the flashlight so that the bottom of the bubble dome is just above your eyebrows.

5. Watch the swirling colours. If you put the wet straw into the bubble dome and blow very gently, you can move the colours around.
6. Watch the colours. How many do you see? If you watch a bubble for a few minutes, do the colours change? What colours do you see right before the bubble pops? Do you ever see black and white polka dots?
Wow! I didn’t know that!
Right before it pops, the skin of a soap bubble is only a millionth of an inch thick!

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